Nerves Tip #1 - Toolshed

Want more traditional shell tools in your Nerves IEx?

Use Toolshed!

Its included by default and has may familiar functions, such as `cat`, `ls`, or even `weather` 🌤️

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8:33 PM · Jun 11, 2021

Nerves Tip #2 - Kernel log messages

Need more than Elixir logs? Run `dmesg` to see log messages from device drivers and the Linux kernel. Nerves also routes kernel log messages to the Elixir logger.

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5:52 PM · Jun 25, 2021

Nerves Tip #3 - Erlinit

Erlinit is a small program that starts the Erlang VM on boot. It has many options - especially for debugging startup issues.

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1:59 PM · Jul 14, 2021

Nerves Tip #4 - Disable automatic reboot

Nerves automatically reboots devices when the Erlang VM exits. This can make some debugging harder, but you can easily disable it to let those sessions hang for debugging ¬

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1:05 PM · Jul 16, 2021

Nerves Tip #5 - Whats in a firmware?

Use `mix firmware.unpack` to decompress a local copy of your firmware on host and inspect the files within before installing on device

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